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Invade the Hive! 🐝🍯🧀


Invade the Hive!

It’s a bit dangerous, but this honey is great for making a delicious cheese.

This month, we have prepared a super cool adventure for you!
Grab your magic honey stick and put on your Queen Bee outfit, get ready to invade the beehive!

In this adventure, you will face new fears. (angry bees!!)
…you have to be quick
But not all of the bees are deadly! Some of them will guide you, some of them will kill you.

All you have to do is collect cheese pieces & honey drops to make a beeutiful honeycheese


Where’s my gift?


Love is in the air… It’s that time of the year once again. We need to buy gifts for our soulmates, and give them on the Valentine’s Day. We put hearts on some of the maps and you need to collect those hearts to be able to buy gifts for your soulmate. We have six different gifts and you can get a cute little badge by gifting all of them.



You’ll get a heart every time you collect one on a map and succesfully return to the mouse hole. The hearts will be the currency on the shopping map and you will get a reward each time you buy a gift, and give it away. I can hear some of you lonely people asking “I don’t have a soulmate. What do I do?”. Don’t worry, the date map will try to find a soulmate for you so that you can give your gift to another lonely mouse, and hey, maybe you’ll actually like each other, who knows?

We’re also bringing you a brand-new map category. You’ve played these kinds of maps before but we didn’t have a perm category for these maps. But now we do! We would like to introduce you to the Transform (P14) maps!



In the maps between vanilla 200 and 210 you were able to change into objects. We saw that this game mode should be played more often so from now on we’re going to have transform maps in the map rotation. If you would like to send a map for this game mode you can do it here. The maps will be reviewed by the Map Crew members and the best maps will be accepted and permed.

The login screen, event maps and items were drawn by the Artist Team. And we will work on bigger things in the future. We hope you will enjoy this event. Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day everyone!


Create A Badge Competition


Hello, mice!
Feel like showing your minuscule but mighty side? Now’s your chance. The MiceForce Staff has designed a badge-creation contest for the whole community to participate in and enjoy!

How to enter?

  • Read and acknowledge the rules.


  • Choose one of the following to do with the art program of your choice:
     Draw a badge with any square canvas and then resize it to 40×40
     Make a 40×40 pixel canvas and pixel-draw your badge



  • The badge must not take up the whole 1600 pixels, therefore having some sort of transparent qualities like fur badges or event badges.
  • You, and only you, must draw the badge that you are submitting to the contest. No traced photos or already-existent images will be considered.
  • Your badge must be MiceForce-related!
  • The image must be uploaded to an image url creator like imgur and already inputted as an HTML tag by submission.

What could improve my chances of winning?

  • Drawing the badge in a way that makes it look like it belongs in-game
  • Providing a bigger image of your badge only if you didn’t draw it using a 40×40 pixel canvas.
  • Making your badge as original and creative as possible.
  • Giving your badge a name and objective


• 1st Place:
» The person who wins the contest, will be a part of the MiceForce Artist Team.​
» 3 Fikicoins!
» 255 chests and paint brushes.​
» You will be rewarded with «Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven» title.​
• 2nd Place:
» 2 Fikicoins!
» 150 chests and paint brushes.​
» You will be rewarded with «Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven» title.​
• 3rd Place:
» 1 Fikicoin!
» 50 chests and paint brushes.​
» You will be rewarded with «Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven x Seven» title.​
Every award will be given by requests

@+Wanheda | @Kmlcan | @Neutrons and all of the Artist Team members.

Tutorial (by Maharadjah from TFM)
To understand fully this tutorial you’ll need to have some basics on any drawing software (such as photoshop, sai, manga studio…)

  1. http://www.pixenli.com/images/1442/1442243248022961200.jpg
  2. http://www.pixenli.com/images/1442/1442243258090327200.jpg
  3. http://www.pixenli.com/images/1442/1442246143058164900.jpg
  4. http://www.pixenli.com/images/1442/1442243272045656300.jpg



 An example (made by @Neutrons)

Thanks to Puffpapa for the content.

Ladies and gentlemen, ARCHAIN VON DREKKEMOUS!



Can you feel the horror tonight?

Get ready to get some spooks, here comes the Halloween event!

It’s time to go for a trick or treating session on your favourite Halloween maps!





The count Drekkemaus has invited you to his special candy hunting party this year. So put on your costume, get your witch hat and don’t forget your fake teeth.

It’s time to party and make a mess in his garden! (I bet his mom won’t like it.)

Let’s see what tricks and treats he cooked for you: candies are waiting for you at his place. Your mission? Fill your paws and pockets with as many sweets as possible.

Your pockets are now overflowing with candies? Don’t worry! Archain Von Drekkemaus has it all planned. Indeed, you will find three different magical slot machines in a special room of his old mansion.

• The first slot machine will cost you one candy.

• The second slot machine will cost you two candies.

• The third slot machine will cost you three candies.

Each of them will give you different prizes. So think twice before choosing a slot machine!


You can earn itemstitles, badges and… THE JACKPOT!.

You will be notified by a global message for each lucky winner, as it’s a rare event.


A swarm of mice witches needs to get through the pumpkin patch! Watch out for these thorny vines!

Press Space to fly on your broom and pass all the obstacles.

The Opening Doors

You will see two arrows, pointing at where to go. You must go to one of the places where the arrows are pointing within three seconds. In one area, there will be a piece of candy waiting for you. However, in the other area, you will find a miscellaneous surprise…

Will you make the right choice?

The Halloween event starts NOW and will last until November 6th!

New Forums


Now we have new forum website : http://mforum.ist

You can use forum for change password&upload avatar and more


Screenshot at Tem 13 01-19-59

❄❄ Christmas Event! ❄❄


It’s getting cold outside… The winter is coming… And as we say, if the cold is here, Christmas is near! (no, nobody says that actually).

Hope you are ready because Christmas is already here in MiceForce!
Put on your warmest clothes, have some nice hot chocolate and enjoy the Christmas Event!

Talking about presents, on your way down, you will find red presents that you will be able to trade to obtain green presents! (what’s the difference?)
The prizes you’ll find will be different: some of the green presents contain fragments that the red ones don’t have and conversely…

And here comes the trading part!

  • Trade fragments with other players to be able to get a Relic.
  • The Relics will give you rewards: cheese, golden ticket, titles and even fraises!
  • Get all the Relics and you will unlock a badge and an exclusive title!


Finally, after all this hard work, treat yourself with a nice raclette IRL! (cheeeeese <3)

Portugués »

O inverno está chegando … E como nós dizemos, se está frio, é por que o Natal está próximo! (não, ninguém diz isto realmente).

Espero que você esteja pronto, pois o Natal já chegou no MiceForce!
Vista-se com suas roupas mais quentes, tome um bom chocolate quente, e aproveite deste evento de Natal!

Falando em presentes, na descida você encontrará presentes vermelhos que você poderá trocar com seus amigos para obter presentes verdes!
(Qual a diferença)
As recompensas que você for achando podem ser diferentes: algumas recompensas dos presentes verdes possuem fragmentos que os presentes vermelhos não têm, e assim inversamente…

Estejam prontos para as trocas!

  • Troque os fragmentos com outros jogadores para obter uma Relíquia.
  • As Relíquias te dará recompensas: queijjos, tíquetes de ouro, títulos e até mesmo morangos!
  • Obtenha todas as relíquias e desbloqueie uma medalha e um título exclusivo!

Enfim, depois de todo este trabalho duro, chegou a hora se dar ao prazer com um bom e belo prato francês, aproveitem desta maravilhosa raclette! (queijooooo <3)

Español »

Se está poniendo frío afuera… El invierno viene… Y como decimos, si el frío está aquí, ¡Navidad está cerca! (no, nadie dice eso realmente).

Espero que estés listo porque ¡la Navidad ya está aquí en MiceForce!
¡Ponte tu ropa más abrigadora, ten un rico chocolate caliente y disfruta el evento de Navidad!

Hablando de regalos, mientras bajas, encontrarás regalos rojos que podrás cambiar para obtener regalos verdes! (¿Cuál es la diferencia?)
Los premios que encontrarás serán diferentes: algunos de los regalos verdes contienen fragmentos que los rojos no tienen, y por el contrario…
¡Y aquí viene la parte de intercambios!

  • Intercambia fragmentos con otros jugadores para obtener una Reliquia.
  • Las Reliquias te darán tus premios: quesos, tickets dorados, títulos e incluso fresass!
  • Consigue todas las Reliquiass y desbloquearás una insignia y un título exclusivo!

Finalmente, luego de todo este duro trabajo, disfruta de un buen raclette en persona! (queeeeeeeeeeeeso <3)

Türkçe »

Dışarıda hava soğuyor… Kış geliyor… Ve dediğimiz gibi, soğuklar geldiyse, Yılbaşı yakın demektir! (hayır, aslında kimse böyle bir şey demez)

Umarız hazırsınızdır çünkü Yılbaşı MiceForce’a geldi bile!
En kalın giysilerinizi giyin, sıcak çikolata için ve Yılbaşı Etkinliği’nin keyfini çıkarın!

Hediyelerden bahsetmişken, aşağı doğru ilerlerken, yeşil hediyeler elde etmek için takas edebileceğiniz kırmızı hediyeler bulacaksınız! (ne farkı var ki?)
Bulacağınız ödüller farklı olacak: Yeşil hediyelerden bazıları kırmızı olanların içermediği parçaları içeriyor ve tam tersi…

Şimdi de takas kısmı var!

    • Kalıntı elde etmek için diğer oyuncularla parçaları takas edin.
    • Kalıntılar size ödül kazandıracak: peynir, altın bilet, unvan ve hatta çilek!
    • Bütün kalıntıları topladığınızda bir rozet ve özel unvan alacaksınız!

Nihayet, bütün bu zor işlerden sonra, gerçek hayatta güzel bir raclette ile kendinizi şımartın! (peyniiiir <3)

Polski »

Na zewnątrz zaczyna się robić zimno… Zima nadchodzi… I, jak to mówimy, jeśli jest zimno, Boże Narodzenie już wkrótce! (nie, nikt tak w sumie nie mówi).

Mamy nadzieję, że jesteście gotowi, ponieważ Boże Narodzenie jest już tutaj, w MiceForce!
Załóżcie swoje najcieplejsze ubrania, przygotujcie kubek gorącej czekolady i zagłębcie się w event Bożonarodzeniowy!

Odnośnie prezentów, na swojej drodze znajdziecie czerwone prezenty, którymi będziecie mogli handlować, aby uzyskać zielone prezenty! (jaka jest różnica?)
Nagrody, jakie znajdziecie będą różne: niektóre z zielonych prezentów zawierają fragmenty, których prezenty czerwone nie mają i na odwrót…
I tutaj wkracza część z handlem!

  • Handluj z innymi graczami, aby móc otrzymać Relikt.
  • Relikty dadzą Ci nagrody: ser, złote bilety, tytuły, a nawet truskawki!
  • Zdobądź wszystkie Relikty, aby odblokować odznakę i ekskluzywny tytuł!

W końcu, po całej tej pracy, poczęstuj się kawałkiem raclette w prawdziwym świecie! (seeeeer <3)

Română »

Se face frig afară… Iarna vine… Și după cum spunem, dacă frigul e aici, Crăciunul se aproprie! ((nu, de fapt nimeni nu spune asta)).

Sperăm că eşti pregătit, deoarece Crăciunul este deja în MiceForce!
Puneţi-vă pe voi cele mai călduroase haine, beţi nişte ciocolată fierbinte şi bucuraţi-vă de evenimentul de Crăciun!

Vorbind despre cadouri, în drumul vostru, veți găsi cadouri roșii pe care le veți putea da la schimb pentru a primi cadouri verzi! (care-i diferența?)
Premiile pe care le veți găsi vor fi diferite: unele din cadourile verzi conțin fragmente pe care cadourile roșii nu le conțin și invers
Și aici vine partea de schimb!

  • Schimbați fragmente cu ceilalţi jucători pentru a obţine o Relicvă.
  • Relicvele vă vor da premii: brâznzeturi, tichete aurite de aventură, titluri și chiar căpșuni!
  • Colectați toate Relicvele și veți debloca o insignă și un titlu exclusiv!

Într-un final, după toată această muncă grea, răsfăţaţi-vă cu o raclette delicioasă IRL! (brânzăăăăă <3)

Beta Forums opens once again!


Hi mice, the official launch of the new forum is coming soon!

We are opening the forum beta once again. We need your help one more time! We’re counting on you to report us any little bug you might encounter.

As usual, the beta is available here : http://mforum.ist/
We’ll close it next sunday and will announce the launching date 😉

See you soon mice! o/

Türkçe »

Selam faredaşlar, yeni resmi forum çok yakında sizlerle!

Beta forumunu bir kez daha açıyoruz. Yardımınıza bir kez daha ihtiyacımız var! Karşılaşabileceğiniz en ufak hatayı raporlayacağınıza güveniyoruz.

Her zamanki gibi betaya buradan ulaşabilirsiniz : http://mforum.ist/
Önümüzdeki Pazar betayı kapatacağız ve başlangıç tarihini duyuracağız 😉

Yakında görüşmek üzere faredaşlar! o/

Español »

¡Hola Ratones, el lanzamiento oficial del foro pronto estará!

Estamos abriendo los foros beta una vez más. ¡Necesitamos de vuestra ayuda una vez más! Estamos contando con todos ustedes para que reporten algún error que puedan encontrar en el foro.

Como siempre, la beta está disponible aquí : http://mforum.ist/
Cerraremos éste el próximo domingo y también anunciaremos la fecha de lanzamiento 😉

¡Nos vemos pronto ratones!

[Event Guide] Halloween 2016



All of the event maps will contain ghosts and skeletons that are randomly spawned. If they make direct contact to your mouse, it will take up 1 of your 4 lives. They can be demolished if a mouse hits it with their wand, by pressing space, for about 4 times to the creature. For the first 2 maps, they both include sidescroll and share the same main objective, to go in the hole at the end of the map. All the maps will grant you a halloween coins (candy) after completion.

Map #1
This map appears first during the event. The main objective is the mouse hole under the fortress at the end of the map, while there is an obstacle to get through before it. Skeletons will spawn on top and bottom of the obstacle and ghosts will spawn above the fortress, eventually making their way down the fortress.


Map #2
This map appears second during the event. The first half of the map is mostly a flat surface, following a staircase, which then leads to an area that includes the mouse hole. Skeletons scatter in the flat area in the first half of the map, being blocked by a table so that it doesn’t interfere with the spawning point, and ghosts scatter in the area that includes the mouse hole, although being blocked by a barrel so that it doesn’t interfere with the mouse hole.

«Vampire» was earned by reaching the chest behind the ghosts and saying “bonbon”.

Map #3
This map is different from the other 2 previous map, not sharing the same objectives. It is to kill the cat at the end by hitting it with the mice’s wands, but the cat can kill too. The cat raises a paw and swipes mice every few seconds, and if you’re not past the slanted part of the ground the cat is standing on, you will lose a life. Ghosts scatter around the area randomly, so mice must also watch out for that.



Alucard’s shop

« Pumpkin Pie » 25 [​IMG]
« Voldemouse » 25 [​IMG]
« Frankenmaus » 20 [​IMG]
« Vampire Slayer » 20 [​IMG]




  1. Cheats/Hack; Your account(s) will be banned permanently if you’re using/distributing any cheat.
  2. Bugs; Bugs are not allowed, if you found a bug; please report to moderators. If you’re using/distributing that bug, your account will be banned for 48 hours.
  3. Ban team; DO NOT Ban/Report anyone for nothing. If you and your friends reporting people for nothing, we will ban accounts of you and your friends for 72 hours.
  4. Nicknames; If your nickname contains bad words, your account will be banned permanently.

Chat Rules

  1. Advertising; Your account will be banned permanently if you’re advertising.
  2. Insults; This is just a game, why are you insulting? If you’re insulting, your account will be muted for 1 hours.
  3. Spam/Flood; Please send your message only 1 times. If you’re spamming or flooding, your account will be muted for 1 hours.
  4. Passwords; Don’t ask anyone for their password. If you’re asking password for any reason, your account will be banned for 72 hours.
  5. I’m a moderator; Don’t introduce yourself as a moderator. If you’re introducing yourself as a moderator, your account will be banned for 48 hours.
  6. Speaking another languages; Speak your language in your community, do not speak in another communities. You can speak english on every community. You will be muted for 1 hours if you’re speaking another languages.

If you’re escaping from ban/mute; your account(s) will be banned for 48 hours.

Türkçe »

Oyun kuralları

  1. Hileler; Bir hileyi kullanır veya dağıtırsanız tüm hesaplarınız kalıcı olarak yasaklanır.
  2. Oyun açıkları/hataları; Oyun hatalarından veya açıklarından faydalanmak yasaktır, bir açığı kullanır veya paylaşırsanız hesabınız 48 saatliğine yasaklanır. Bir hata veya açık bulduysanız lütfen çevrimiçi yetkililere bildirin.
  3. Ban team; Diğer oyunculara sebepsiz yere ban atmayın veya onları şikayet etmeyin. Sebepsiz ban atıyor yada şikayet ediyorsanız sizin ve bu işe ortak olan arkadaşlarınızın hesabı 72 saatliğine yasaklanır.
  4. Kullanıcı adları; Kullanıcı adınız yasaklı kelimeler içeriyorsa(küfür vb.) hesabınız kalıcı olarak yasaklanır.

Sohbet kuralları

  1. Reklamlar; Herhangi bir sunucunun reklamını yapmanız durumunda hesabınız kalıcı olarak yasaklanır.
  2. Hakaret; Bu sadece bir oyun. Neden hakaret ediyorsun? hakaret edersen 1 saat boyunca konuşamazsın.
  3. Spam/Flood; Mesajını sadece bir kere gönder lütfen. Mesajını art arda gönderirsen 1 saat boyunca konuşamazsın.
  4. Şifreler; Kimseden şifresini istemeyin! Eğer herhangi bir sebeple bir oyuncunun şifresini isterseniz hesabınız 72 saatliğine yasaklanır.
  5. Ben moderatorum; Kendinizi yetkili olarak tanıtmayın, kendinizi yetkili olarak tanıtmanız durumunda hesabınız 48 saatliğine yasaklanır.
  6. Diğer dilleri konuşmak; Kendi dilinizi kendi topluluklarınızda konuşun, başka topluluklarda o toplulukların dilini veya ingilizceyi kullanın. Diğer oyuncuların anlamadığı dilden konuşursan 1 saat boyunca konuşamazsın.

Ban veya Mute cezasından kaçarsanız tüm hesaplarınız 48 saatliğine yasaklanır.

Portugués »


  1. Cheats / Hacks;A sua conta (s) será banido permanentemente se você estiver usando/distribuir qualquer batota.
  2. Bugs; Erros não são permitidos, se você encontrou um bug; por favor informe a moderadores. Se você estiver usando / distribuição que bug, sua conta será banido por 48 horas.
  3. Ban team; BAN/ Relatório de ninguém para nada. Se você e seus amigos relatando as pessoas para nada, vamos banir contas de você e seus amigos durante 72 horas.
  4. Apelidos; Se o seu apelido contém palavrões, a sua conta será banida permanentemente.

Regras de Bate-papo

  1. Propaganda; Sua conta será banida permanentemente se você está anunciando.
  2. İnsultos; Este é apenas um jogo, por que você está insultando? Se você é um insulto, sua conta será silenciado por 1 horas.
  3. Spam/Flood; Por favor, envie a sua mensagem apenas 1 vezes. Se você está enviando spam ou inundação, a sua conta será silenciado por 1 horas.
  4. Senhas; Não pergunte a qualquer um para a sua palavra-passe. Se você está pedindo senha por qualquer motivo, a sua conta será banida por 72 horas
  5. Eu sou um moderador; Não apresentar-se como um moderador. Se você está introduzindo-se como um moderador, a sua conta será banida por 48 horas.
  6. Falando mais línguas; Falar a sua língua em sua comunidade, não falam em mais comunidades. Você pode falar Inglês em todas as comunidades. Você será silenciado por 1 horas se você estiver falando outra língua.

Se você está escapando de ba /mute; sua conta (s) será banido por 48 horas.

Español »


  1. Cheats/Hack; Sus cuentas serán cerradas permanentemente si está utilizando / distribución de cualquier tramposo.
  2. Bugs; Los insectos no se les permite, si se encuentra un error; por favor, informe a los moderadores. Si estás utilizando/distribución de ese insecto, su cuenta será suspendido por 48 horas.
  3. Ban Team;  No prohíben el Informe nadie por nada. Si usted y sus amigos de informes de personas para nada, vamos a prohibir las cuentas de usted y sus amigos durante 72 horas.
  4. Apodos;Si su apodo contiene malas palabras, su cuenta será expulsado de forma permanente.

Reglas de Chat

  1. Publicidad; Su cuenta será expulsado de forma permanente si se está anunciando.
  2. İnsultos; Esto es sólo un juego, ¿por qué estás insultando? Si usted es un insulto, su cuenta será silenciado por 1 horas.
  3. Spam/Flood; Por favor enviar su mensaje sólo 1 veces. Si va a enviar spam o inundaciones, su cuenta será silenciado por 1 horas.
  4. Contraseña; No le pida a nadie por su contraseña. Si usted está pidiendo la contraseña por cualquier razón, su cuenta será suspendido por 72 horas.
  5. Soy un moderador; No presentarse como moderador. Si va a presentarse a sí mismo como un moderador, su cuenta será suspendido por 48 horas.
  6. Hablando otros idiomas; Hablar su idioma en su comunidad, no hablan de otra comunidades. Usted puede hablar Inglés en todas las comunidades. Va a ser silenciado por 1 horas si está hablando otro idioma.

Si está escapando de la ban/mute; su cuentas será prohibido durante 48 horas.

Polski »


  1. Kody/Hack; Twoje rachunki będą zakazane na stałe, jeśli używasz / dystrybucją jakichkolwiek oszukiwać.
  2. Bugs; Błędy nie są dozwolone, jeśli znalazłeś błąd; zgłoś do moderatora. Jeśli używasz/rozprowadzanie że błąd, Twoje konto zostanie zakazane przez 48 godzin.
  3. Ban Team; NIE BAN/Zgłoś nikogo za nic. Jeśli ty i twoi przyjaciele raportowania ludzi za nic, będziemy zakaz rachunki Ciebie i Twoich znajomych w ciągu 72 godzin.
  4. Ksywka; Jeśli twój nick zawiera brzydkich słów, Twoje konto zostanie zbanowany na stałe.


Chat Zasady

  1. Reklama; Twoje konto zostanie zbanowany na stałe jeśli reklamujesz.
  2. Lżenie; To jest tylko gra, dlaczego obrażasz? Jeśli jesteś obraźliwe, Twoje konto zostanie wyciszony za 1 godz.
  3. Spam/Flood; Proszę wysłać wiadomość tylko jeden razy. Jeśli jesteś spam lub powodzie, konto zostanie wyciszony za 1 godz
  4. Hasła; Nie proś nikogo o ich hasłem. Jeśli pytasz hasło z jakiegokolwiek powodu, Twoje konto zostanie zakazane przez 72 godzin.
  5. Jestem moderatorem; Nie przedstawić się jako moderatora. Jeśli wprowadza się jako moderator, Twoje konto zostanie zakazane przez 48 godzin.
  6. Mówiąc kolejnych języków; Mów język w swojej społeczności, nie mówią w innym społecznościom. Można mówić po angielsku w każdej społeczności.Będziesz wyciszony dla 1 godziny, jeśli mówisz kolejne języki.


Jeśli ucieczce z Ban/Mute; kont będzie zakazane w ciągu 48 godzin.

Română »


  1. Cheat-uri/Hack; Conturile dvs. vor fi interzise definitiv dacă utilizați/distribuirea oricărui ieftin.
  2. Bugs; Bug-uri nu sunt permise, dacă ați găsit un bug; vă rugăm să raporteze moderatori. Dacă utilizați / distribuie că bug-ul, contul dvs. va fi interzis timp de 48 de ore.
  3. Ban Team; NU Ban/raport pe nimeni pentru nimic. Daca tu si prietenii tai de raportare oameni pentru nimic, vom interzice conturile de tine și prietenii tăi timp de 72 de ore.
  4. Porecla; Daca porecla ta conține cuvinte rele, contul tau va fi permanent interzis.

Reguli de Chat

  1. Publicitate; Contul dvs. va fi interzis definitiv dacă faceți publicitate.
  2. İnsulte; Acesta este doar un joc, de ce te insulți? Dacă ești insultător, contul dvs. va fi oprit timp de 1 oră.
  3. Spam/Flood;Vă rugăm să trimiteți mesajul doar 1 ori. Dacă sunteți de spam-uri sau inundații, contul dvs. va fi oprit timp de 1 oră.
  4. Parole; Nu cereți nimănui parola lor. Dacă întrebi parola pentru orice motiv, contul dvs. va fi interzis timp de 72 de ore.
  5. Sunt un moderator; Nu te introduce ca moderator. Dacă sunteți de vă prezentați ca un moderator, contul dvs. va fi interzis timp de 48 de ore.
  6. Alte limbi vorbind; Vorbesc limba în comunitatea dumneavoastră, nu vorbesc în alte comunități. Poti vorbi limba engleză pe fiecare comunitate.Vei fi dezactivat timp de 1 oră, dacă vorbești alte limbi.

Dacă sunteți de a scăpa de interdicție/mute; conturile vor fi interzise timp de 48 de ore.

Magyar »


  1. Csalások/Hack; Az Ön fiókjai lesz tiltva véglegesen, ha használ / osztalékkiosztás csal.
  2. Bugs; Bugs nem megengedett, ha hibát találtál; jelentsd a moderátorok. Ha használja/forgalmazó, hogy hiba, akkor figyelembe kell tiltani 48 órán át.
  3. Ban Team; NE Ban / jelentése senkit sem. Ha Ön és barátai jelentési emberek semmit, akkor fogja tiltani beszámolóját Ön és barátai 72 órán át.
  4. Becenevek; Ha a beceneve tartalmaz rossz szó, akkor figyelembe kell tiltani véglegesen.

Chat Szabályok

  1. Hirdető; Fiókja lesz tiltva véglegesen, ha hirdet.
  2. Insults; Ez csak egy játék, miért sértő? Ha sértő, fiókja lesz némítva 1 óra.
  3. Spam/Flood; Kérjük, küldje el az üzenetet, csak 1-szer. Ha spam vagy árvíz, akkor figyelembe kell némítva 1 óra.
  4. Jelszavak; Ne kérjen másokat azok jelszót. Ha kér jelszót bármilyen okból, akkor figyelembe kell tiltani 72 órán át.
  5. Vagyok moderátor; Ne mutatkozz moderátorként. Ha bevezetésével magát, mint egy moderátor, akkor figyelembe kell tiltani 48 órán át.
  6. Beszéd másik nyelven; Beszéljük az Ön nyelvét a közösség, nem beszélnek más közösségekben. Akkor beszélnek angolul minden közösségben.Akkor lesz némítva 1 órát, ha beszélsz egy másik nyelven.

Ha távozó ban /mute; A fiókok lesz tiltva 48 órán át.

Česky »

Pravidlá Hry

  1. Cheaty/Hack;Vaše účty bude zakázaný natrvalo, ak používat /distribúcia akéhokoľvek podvádzať.
  2. Chyby; Chyby nie sú povolené, ak ste našli chybu; ohláste na moderátorov. Ak používate / distribúciu tejto chybe, váš účet bude zakázaný po dobu 48 hodín.
  3. Ban Team; nemajú Ban/Správa o nikoho k ničomu. Ak sa vy a vaši priatelia hlásenia ľudí pre nič, budeme zákaz účty vás a vašich priateľov po dobu 72 hodín.
  4. Prezývky; Ak vaše prezývka obsahuje sprosté slová, váš účet bude zakázaný natrvalo.

Chat Pravidlá

  1. Reklama; Váš účet bude zakázaný natrvalo, ak inzerujete.
  2. Insults; Je to len hra, prečo sa urážate? Ak ste urážlivé, bude váš účet stlmený po dobu 1 hodiny..
  3. Spam/Flood; Prosím, pošlite správu iba 1 krát. Ak ste spam alebo záplavy, váš účet bude stlmená 1 hodiny.
  4. Heslá; Nechcite nikomu svoje heslo. Ak sa pýtate heslo z nejakého dôvodu, váš účet bude zakázaný počas 72 hodín.
  5. Som Moderátor; Nechcem predstaviť seba ako Moderátor. Ak si predstavíte ako moderátor, váš účet bude zakázaný počas 48 hodín.
  6. Hovoriť iné jazyky; Vo svojej komunite, Hotelový, hovoriť v inom spoločenstiev. Na každé spoločenstvo môže hovoriť anglicky. Ste sa vypnú keē 1 hodín Ak máte hovoriť iné jazyky.

Ak ste utekať z ban/mute; vaše účty budú zakázané pre 48 hodín.

Official Standalone


We published desktop application for miceforce which you expect for a long time.
I hope you’re satisfied.


Link : http://miceforce.com/MiceForce.msi

Link for macOs : http://miceforce.com/Miceforce.dmg
Adobe Air Link : https://get.adobe.com/air/
VirusTotal : https://www.virustotal.com/tr/url/6…796f9601926b56ee78baf0ba/analysis/1469753435/

Türkçe »

Uzun süredir Beklediğiniz masaüstü uygulamasını yayınladık.
Umarım memnun olursunuz.

Español »

Hemos publicado la aplicación de escritorio para Miceforce, lo cual muchos han esperado por un largo tiempo.
Espero que estén satisfechos.

Português »

Nós publicamos a aplicação desktop para Miceforce, que muitos têm esperado por muito tempo.
Espero que você esteja satisfeito.

Magyar »

Megosztottuk a MiceForce letöltött verizóját, amire már régóta vártatok.
Remélem elégedettek vagytok.