Miceforce - Best transformice server so far !

MiceForce Art


Dear Mice,

We have selected a total of 36 pieces of artwork to display for you all… and hope to continue this process! If you would like to be featured, then be sure to post your artwork in our “Fanarts” section on the Forums. Without further ado, here are the names of the featured artists and their work!

Blapi, Praammee, Dietlinde, Wisard, Leta, Animus, +minister, 
Kinta, +tare, Star0, Dietlinde, +jaded, Sylvestia, Zammy, +pangea, Mewdusa, Fracturnes,
Espirits, Bonnienub, Arsonist, Nia, Mewsitive, Nocturnskies, Zammy, Eobard,
The_euphoria, Kingz, Narruto, Pradator!


We are looking forward to seeing your artwork in the near future!

Welcome to MiceForce!


Welcome to MiceForce! We hope you will enjoy your stay with us in our humble community and get to know many awesome people!


MiceForce is a game that consists of collecting cheese as fast as possible in a variety of maps.
In every map there will be a shaman helping the other mice, so rely on their help!

Done with collecting? Check out the other gamemodes such as Survivor, or Village!


Here in MiceForce, we have a bunch of features that might convince you to stay with us!

  • Over 700 titles to achieve through stats, commands, being active in the game, and many many more!
  • An active and always-positive staff, ready to help you out
  • Over 3000+ daily active players
  • A unique task system with rewards
  • Start off with level 255
  • Unlimited cheese and strawberries
  • Boosted stats by x272
  • Custom tags system
  • Reworked modules, such as #prophunt and #utility
  • Custom lua events
  • Admin event rooms, with tons of rewards
  • Compare your statistics with other players with our ranking system
  • Communicate with other users via our forum
  • Constant updates with much more unique, MiceForce-exclusive content
  • And many many more!

Compete with other people for glory and fame! Who will reign supreme?
What are you waiting for, join us!

MiceForce.com || MForum.ist || MFRank.ist

MiceForce Dressroom!


We have released our own Dressroom app, which lets you customise your mouse to your heart’s content:

• All items from the game (including MiceForce furs) to use and customise, without having to own these items in the game,
• Mouse scaling / zooming,
• User-friendly UI, translated to all languages
• Mouse dragging,
• Mouse look downloading with PNG format.

Start customising now! Enter:

Invade the Hive! 🐝🍯🧀


Invade the Hive!

It’s a bit dangerous, but this honey is great for making a delicious cheese.

This month, we have prepared a super cool adventure for you!
Grab your magic honey stick and put on your Queen Bee outfit, get ready to invade the beehive!

In this adventure, you will face new fears. (angry bees!!)
…you have to be quick
But not all of the bees are deadly! Some of them will guide you, some of them will kill you.

All you have to do is collect cheese pieces & honey drops to make a beeutiful honeycheese


Where’s my gift?


Love is in the air… It’s that time of the year once again. We need to buy gifts for our soulmates, and give them on the Valentine’s Day. We put hearts on some of the maps and you need to collect those hearts to be able to buy gifts for your soulmate. We have six different gifts and you can get a cute little badge by gifting all of them.



You’ll get a heart every time you collect one on a map and succesfully return to the mouse hole. The hearts will be the currency on the shopping map and you will get a reward each time you buy a gift, and give it away. I can hear some of you lonely people asking “I don’t have a soulmate. What do I do?”. Don’t worry, the date map will try to find a soulmate for you so that you can give your gift to another lonely mouse, and hey, maybe you’ll actually like each other, who knows?

We’re also bringing you a brand-new map category. You’ve played these kinds of maps before but we didn’t have a perm category for these maps. But now we do! We would like to introduce you to the Transform (P14) maps!



In the maps between vanilla 200 and 210 you were able to change into objects. We saw that this game mode should be played more often so from now on we’re going to have transform maps in the map rotation. If you would like to send a map for this game mode you can do it here. The maps will be reviewed by the Map Crew members and the best maps will be accepted and permed.

The login screen, event maps and items were drawn by the Artist Team. And we will work on bigger things in the future. We hope you will enjoy this event. Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day everyone!