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You’re a little mouse and you have only one thing in mind : acquire the delicious cheese and bring it back to the hole. In order to help you, a player will be chosen to be the powerful shaman and will be able to spawn different objects to guide you.


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Cheese MOUSE

I. Your purpose:

The purpose of the game is simple : you have to pick up the cheese and bring it back to the hole where you and your fellow mice will be able to enjoy it. The more cheese you recover, the more titles you’ll earn. Each cheese you bring back will also add one more cheese to the shop. This cheese will allow you to:

  • Buy some items in the shop to personalize your mouse.
  • Create some maps via the map editor. (Starts at 40 cheese. If you make good maps the cost can go down !)

II. How to play:

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your mouse, press Up or W to jump.



III. Grounds:

In order (hover your cursor over the pics of the different grounds to see their names):

  • Wooden / Grass / Earth / Snow / Stone grounds – Wood ground is the basic ground of the game. Grass, earth, snow and stone grounds share similar properties with wood ground but have a different look; their purpose is to be decorative grounds.
  • Chocolate ground – This ground has way more friction than wooden, grass, earth, snow and stone grounds. Mice can grip easily to this ground and climb it.
  • Sand ground – This ground has a little less friction than wooden, grass, earth, and stone grounds. It’s harder for mice to grip to this ground and climb it.
  • Ice ground – This ground has way less friction than wooden, grass, earth, snow and stone grounds. Mice can’t grip to this ground and can’t climb it.
  • Trampoline ground: Mice can bounce on this ground.
  • Lava ground: If you touch lava, cancel your bounce with a jump in order to not fly too high. Otherwise, expect death.
  • Water ground – Mice without cheese can float on the surface of this ground, while the poor mice with cheese on their back will sink like a stone !
  • Cloud ground – This ground is really special ! Mice can go through it but items can’t.


“You’re the shaman! Help your disciples to get the cheese!”

The shaman is the mouse who guides all the other mice to the cheese and then to the hole thanks to several objects she can spawn via the menu . They also can tie these objects thanks to a variety of anchors with different properties. This way, they can build safe structures on which you’ll be able to run.

The shaman has the most important role and players totally depend on them. They are often indispensable on your quest to the cheese.

I. How to control the shaman:

Click on one item from the list at the bottom right to select it. Click again at the place you want to put it and keep it pressed to summon the chosen item.

Most of the items have to be summoned near the shaman. In that case, you’ll see a blue circle around your mouse: it shows you where you can spawn an item . Use the scrolling wheel or the Z/Ctrl keys to rotate the object before spawning it; you can also use X or Shift to rotate it the other way. Don’t try to summon any item outside this circle, it’ll turn red and you won’t be able to summon it.

II. Items :

  • Arrow: The arrow allows you to lead mice and shows them where to go.
  • Spirit: The spirit is a little explosion that can be spawned anywhere on the map. It is mainly used to propel mice for short distance.
  •  Balloon: The balloon is an object that floats until it comes in contact with an other object. It can be tied to any other objects or mice thanks to the anchors and makes them fly too.
  • Rune: When it’s spawned, the rune will cross the map along the same lines as the arrow until it comes in contact with an other object. In that case, it’ll push it. Runes can be tied to any other objects to push them in accordance with the shaman’s wishes.
  •  Little box / Big box: Mice can climb on them.
  • Anvil: The anvil is a really heavy item, it’s mainly use to weigh the other items down to prevent them from moving. Because of its weight, it’s hard for mice to move it.
  •  Little plank / Large plank: Mice can climb on planks. Planks are mainly use to build bridges and several other structures to allow mice to obtain the cheese.
  • Ball: A simple ball that bounces.
  •  Canon: Canons share the same properties with anvils, the only difference resides in its movement. Cannons are shot in the direction of their arrow and won’t stop until they come in contact with a blocked item. Shamans mainly use them to get rid of useless items or annoying mice.
  • Conjuration: The conjuration is directly spawned without any waiting period and it’s composed of small blue blocks that you draw with your cursor. These blocks disappear after 10 seconds and mice can walk on it. The conjuration is available for only some few maps.
  •   Portals: Portals are two items that allow mice to teleport from one to the other one. Mice can go in or out either portal.

III. Anchors

Anchors allow shaman to tie several spawned objects. The only way to create one of these anchors is to push C, V, B, N or J keys after selecting an item and before summoning it. If you push these keys several times, you’ll also be able to choose the anchor’s position on the item !

There are 4 different types of anchors and each of them has its own specific use :

  •   – C – Yellow Anchor – This anchor needs to be attached to another item and make this item unable to rotate. It’s mainly used to build bridges and several buildings.
  •   – B – Red Anchor – This anchor can be directly attached to the map or to any other item, but it can only be selected with a plank. Items are limited to a single red anchor and can’t be attached to any item that has a red anchor. Its main function is to rotate, and that’s not all! Red anchors have an other nice function: they can be placed on a dynamic item in order to prevent them to move!
  •   – V – Blue Anchor – This anchor needs to be attached to another item. It hinges the item.
  •    – N and J – Blue Motorized Anchors – These anchors are to be attached to another item. They share the same properties with the blue anchor but the difference resides in the fact they can rotate automatically thanks to their motor.

IV. Ghost items

A ghost item is easily recognizable thanks to its transparency and its blue shade. These items work like the cloud ground: mice can go through them but items can’t. Each item can become a ghost item (except spirit, portals and conjuration). To ghost an item, press the spacebar after selecting it from the menu.

V. Hard Shamans

You’re now a “pro” which means you saved more than 1.000 mice! You know all the in and out about the shaman and you’re certainly looking for some new challenges! The Hard Mode has been made for you!

Click the feather next to the menu and select “Use shaman hard mode” . The first thing you’ll notice immediatly is your new shaman skin! Your tatoo’s color is now gold, but you’ll also be able to change it now via this same window.

But those aren’t its only features. Hard mode shamans can’t summon any spirit nor use any red anchor anymore! Nonetheless they can create a totem to help them. Click on “Edit your Totem” to create yours !

A totem is a pre-made build that can be summoned once per map. This building can be anything : it can be decorative like this “mouse totem” or more useful like this bridge. Once you saved your totem and once you’re the shaman, you can spawn your totem thanks to this icon.  



Cheese OTHER

I. Different rooms

There are three different types of rooms :

  • Your mouse will always spawn in a public room, they are easily recognizable since they are numbered room from 1 and tend towards infinity (the number of room adapts with the number of mice playing). Public rooms play vanilla maps (maps created by Tigrounette and numbered from 0 to 137) and maps created by players via the map editor.
  • Vanilla rooms only plays vanilla map (maps created by Tigrounette and numbered from 0 to 137). Each room’s name containing the word “vanilla” will automatically be a vanilla room.
  • For mice more familiar to the game and for mice who learned various complicated techniques, there are also bootcamp rooms! In these rooms, there is no shaman and maps are complicated but still completable alone! Each turn lasts 6 minutes and mice respawn every 15 seconds if they’ve die. Statistics don’t count in bootcamp rooms.

II. Commands

  • /room: This command allows you to switch to a random room. Type /room followed by the room name you want to go in: type /room 10 if you want to go to the room 10 or /room fromage if you want to go to the room fromage.
  • /bootcamp: It works like /room but will send you in a bootcamp room.
  • /vanilla: It works like /room but will send you in a vanilla room.
  • /editor: This command will send you to the map editor.
  • /totem: This command will send you to the totem editor.
  • /w nickname: This command allows you to whisper a message to another mouse.
  • /friend nickname: This command allows you to add “nickname” in your friends list.
  • /profile nickname: This command allows you to see the profile of the player “nickname“.
  • /mute nickname: This command allows you to totaly ignore a player’s messages. You won’t receive any more whispers from him nor will you see him talking in the public chat.
  • /ban nickname: Players have the ability to exclude a player from the game for an hour via the popular vote. This command is taken into consideration if the player is in your room. Warning: any abuse will be punished.
  • /title: This command lists the titles you’ve earned by bringing cheese back or rescuing mice. To choose one of these titles, type /title followed by the number of the title you want. For example if you want the title “Little Mouse” you have to type /title 0.
  • /silence: This command lets you to toggle your whispers.
  • /facebook: This command will open the Transformice’s facebook page in your web browser. It’ll also give you 20 cheese the first time you use it.