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Miceforce ~ Transformice


Welcome to MiceForce! We hope you will enjoy your stay with us in our humble community and get to know many awesome people!


MiceForce is a game that consists of collecting cheese as fast as possible in a variety of maps.
In every map there will be a shaman helping the other mice, so rely on their help!

Done with collecting? Check out the other gamemodes such as Survivor, or Village!


Here in MiceForce, we have a bunch of features that might convince you to stay with us!

  • Over 700 titles to achieve through stats, commands, being active in the game, and many many more!
  • An active and always-positive staff, ready to help you out
  • Over 3000+ daily active players
  • A unique task system with rewards
  • Start off with level 255
  • Unlimited cheese and strawberries
  • Boosted stats by x272
  • Custom tags system
  • Reworked modules, such as #prophunt and #utility
  • Custom lua events
  • Admin event rooms, with tons of rewards
  • Compare your statistics with other players with our ranking system
  • Communicate with other users via our forum
  • Constant updates with much more unique, MiceForce-exclusive content
  • And many many more!

Compete with other people for glory and fame! Who will reign supreme?
What are you waiting for, join us!

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